I Will Wreck This Journal

To create is to destroy!

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Anonymous asked: Are the pages thick so that substances don't bleed through to other pages??

Paint and glue and things don’t bleed through, but some of the pages get a little crinkled. It doesn’t matter. That’s kind of the point.

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I know a lot of people have been finding my personal page through here, and I love that.

However, I had to change my URL so for everyone not already following me, my URL has changed and the old one wont lead you anywhere.

If you’re interested in adding me, send me a message here, and I’ll give you the URL. 

Someone was stalking my old page and I finally found out who it is, and she has no right to try and know anything about my life, so I changed my URL to make it easier on myself and everyone. So if you want it, let me know. And don’t be on anonymous, because I do need to answer privately.

Thank you guys!